Is your dog in pain??

My intention was to post a delicious recipe for white chocolate chip cookies today.  I guess that will have to wait until next Thursday!  I want life to be happy and fun every day, but life isn’t always like that.  That was my day yesterday. Well, Within the last year, our dog, Bella, (yellow lab) […]

Never in a million years…

When I was a senior in high school, my plans were to go to college and become a teacher.  After four years at a reputable teacher’s college, I received my diploma and started teaching.  Years later, after getting married and having a baby, I decided to become a stay at home Mom.  Four kids later, […]

Bella…Our Therapy Dog

One of the critters that lives with us here on the “Hill,” is our 5 year old yellow lab, Bella.  Now her name wasn’t always Bella…in fact her original name was Beretta which we later changed.  We found Bella at the Washington County Humane Society when she was just 6 months old.   I fell in […]