Simplifying your Jewelry!

Welcome back to Jill on the Hill!!  When we remodeled our bathroom last Fall, I was forced to move my jewelry out of my bathroom and relocate it.  It was such a mess.  I had all of my jewelry and whole bunch of other junk in a drawer of my vanity.   Obviously, I didn’t need […]

Simplifying the Bedroom- Part 2

Welcome back to Simplifying the Bedroom…this is part 2! In order to be motivated to change something, there’s usually a problem that pushes you to that point. Meet Motivator #1… The tower of books. This tower of books sits below, under and around my nightstand.  Yes, I have varied taste in reading material… Solution:  move […]

Simplifying the Bedroom Part 1

This is the year…..the year that I am taking the time to simplify my life!!  I’m very excited to show you a room that we’ve been working on recently…our bedroom.   Here’s our old bedroom. I LOVED this bedroom!  We painted it this pink color to add some color to our normally off-white walls.  I hired […]