Week in Review- September 4th, 2015

Yes, I know this post is going up a day late.  Better late than never, right??  All because of this thing called a “hard drive” that went bad….that’s why this post is late.  I’m so happy to have my computer back now!!! It’s back to school week in Wisconsin!  We said “good bye for now” […]

4 Ingredients for a good “cold” lunch!

I’m a big believer in supporting the hot lunch program at school.  I think it helps the school monetarily and it encourages kids to try new and different food.  But, some days my kids want to take a cold lunch to school. Here’s a sampling of what my daughter thinks is a fun and delicious […]

Week in Review- Back to School Edition (Sept. 5th)

It’s the week that makes me happy, but makes me sad….confusing, huh?  As much as I enjoyed having those kiddoes home, there comes a time when even THEY are ready to go back! Son #2 (sophomore) went back to college a few days before classes even started to help move the new freshman class into […]

Parenting: Be Ready for Bullies!

  (source) I think we can all agree that bullies have been around for  years and years. Only recently has our culture started talking about the subject.  Today I’m sharing some tools and tips that I learned from Sally Ogden, a Love & Logic facilitator.  She suggests that you share these with your kids.  This […]

Never in a million years…

When I was a senior in high school, my plans were to go to college and become a teacher.  After four years at a reputable teacher’s college, I received my diploma and started teaching.  Years later, after getting married and having a baby, I decided to become a stay at home Mom.  Four kids later, […]

Parenting: School Conferences

    School Conferences….a time to learn the good and the not so good about your child.  I feel strongly that this brief meeting with your child’s teacher should be short, straight to the point and a collaboration of parent/s and teacher working together for the benefit of the child. One way that we make […]