Why I watch the Bachelor (and don’t feel guilty!)

Yes, I watch the Bachelor!  Is that OK?  Clearly I don’t watch the show for the strong morals and the success of watching strong marriages form from the show!!! Duh!!   Here are some reasons that I have joined Bachelor Nation… I don’t want to watch Monday night football!!  Ha!! It’s bonding time with family & […]

Things I like about being the parent of teens!

I can leave the house without taking them with me! They are so capable of pitching in to help!  Cleaning, cooking, running errands. Although it’s sometimes hard, you can watch them grow and mature emotionally, physically and spiritually. They are little techies and can help me with my computer or phone! I can keep up […]

3 Easy Ways to Bond with Your Child

According to the Merriam- Webster Dictionary, this is the definition of bonding: BONDING: the formation of a close relationship especially through frequent or constant association. A wise, wise woman once told me that a quick and easy way to make your child feel special, loved and bonded to you was to do 3 simple things. […]

Getting your kids to bed…The 3 “B’s”

When our kids were little,  we started a routine that helped “ease” them into bedtime.   Because we had kids at all different age levels, bedtime was different for each one which made for a challenge.  With a little consistency and routine, our kids didn’t fight bedtime but actually enjoyed it.  Here’s the secret….. The […]

I’m a bag lady!

In order to get out of the house on time for our various activities, I use bags, so the kids can just grab and go!  Here’s a picture of some of our bags.  Starting from the left…my son’s basketball bag, my hubby’s coaching bag, daughter’s basketball bag, my summer baseball bag, daughter’s cheerleading bag and […]

Parenting: School Conferences

    School Conferences….a time to learn the good and the not so good about your child.  I feel strongly that this brief meeting with your child’s teacher should be short, straight to the point and a collaboration of parent/s and teacher working together for the benefit of the child. One way that we make […]

What Worked for Us….Bad Dreams

This little guy looks happy here, but there were times when he had  “bad dreams.”  For many nights in a row, I would wake up, with a feeling that someone was staring at me….and sure enough, Ben would be standing there, in the wee hours of the morning, staring right at me and telling me […]