Organizing a Kid’s Bathroom Closet

  One of the spaces in our home that was really bothering me was a bathroom that my son and daughter share.  I think I’ve already shared that my daughter does not want to live the minimalist lifestyle…she LOVES her beauty products!!  So, keep in mind that this closet contains an obscene amount of shampoo, […]

5 Steps to Organize a Space

What does being organized mean to you?? For me, being organized means finding things that I need quickly.  To do that, everything needs to have a home, so I can find it!  Being organized might mean something totally different to you!  Maybe it means not being embarrassed when someone drops by the house unannounced.  It […]

5 Steps to De-Cluttering

source Anyone who knows me knows that I get all “geeked up” about any article on Organizing ! I am passionate about simplifying things in my life to reduce stress and produce CALM in my house and in my head.  One of my organizing mentors (Lisa Woodruff) wrote an article that I really love.  She […]

Simplifying your Jewelry!

Welcome back to Jill on the Hill!!  When we remodeled our bathroom last Fall, I was forced to move my jewelry out of my bathroom and relocate it.  It was such a mess.  I had all of my jewelry and whole bunch of other junk in a drawer of my vanity.   Obviously, I didn’t need […]

Simplifying the Bedroom- Part 2

Welcome back to Simplifying the Bedroom…this is part 2! In order to be motivated to change something, there’s usually a problem that pushes you to that point. Meet Motivator #1… The tower of books. This tower of books sits below, under and around my nightstand.  Yes, I have varied taste in reading material… Solution:  move […]

Simplifying the Bedroom Part 1

This is the year…..the year that I am taking the time to simplify my life!!  I’m very excited to show you a room that we’ve been working on recently…our bedroom.   Here’s our old bedroom. I LOVED this bedroom!  We painted it this pink color to add some color to our normally off-white walls.  I hired […]

Storing bags and gift bags

My utility closet often becomes a dumping ground for anything that needs to be put away but I’m too lazy to find a place for it.  Because we have a large family,  we have numerous bags from the grocery store coming into the house each week- both paper and plastic.  Today I wanted to share […]

What’s your magic number??

Do you ever have one of those drawers that just DRIVES YOU CRAZY?? One of those drawers is in my kitchen. I dread opening it or closing it…..sometimes it gets stuck as I open it and items may be hanging out after I close it. I took a class last year through the rec. program […]