5 Steps to Increased Productivity

source If you’re just joining me now, it might be a good idea to go back and read post 1 and post 2 in this series.   Today we are going to talk about PRODUCTIVITY.  What does it mean to you?  To me, it means getting tasks done in the least amount of time so […]

5 Steps to Organize a Space

What does being organized mean to you?? For me, being organized means finding things that I need quickly.  To do that, everything needs to have a home, so I can find it!  Being organized might mean something totally different to you!  Maybe it means not being embarrassed when someone drops by the house unannounced.  It […]

A Clean & Organized Car

 I want to preface this post by speaking to all of the Moms that have little ones at home.  Do not read this post and think you’re a bad Mom because your car is never clean and organized!  When I had 4 kids under the age of nine, my VAN was a wreck.  There was […]