Bridal Shower & Entertaining Tip!

Spring is such a popular time for bridal showers, and I went to the cutest little bridal shower a few Saturdays ago.  While we wanted the weather to be warm enough to wear sandals and cute dresses, the reality was that there was still snow on the ground, so I threw a jean jacket over […]

Christmas: Stress Less- Part 1 (October)

Christmas is supposed to be a time of love, joy and peace, right? Well, truthfully it used to be a time that I would dread.  So much to do with so little time- I was completely frazzled!  I’m hoping in this 3 part series, I can help you take control of the season instead of […]

Christmas Gift List

  I don’t think I’m the only one who dislikes fighting a crowd at the stores close to Christmas.  Because of that frustration, I try to get my gift buying done early!  Of course my goal is to get everything bought by Dec.1st, but honestly that has never happened! Today I thought I would share […]