Week in Review- Back to School Edition (Sept. 5th)

It’s the week that makes me happy, but makes me sad….confusing, huh?¬† As much as I enjoyed having those kiddoes home, there comes a time when even THEY are ready to go back! Son #2 (sophomore) went back to college a few days before classes even started to help move the new freshman class into […]

Week in Review- June 13th, 2014

The school year ended this week! It was Sweet Pea’s last day of 6th grade! and high school finals week for son #3! and so it begins…..SUMMER!! How do you know it’s summer? The POOL! Grilled, scrumptious¬† food! More trips for frozen yogurt after ball games! Campfires in the backyard! and of course, these! and […]