Week in Review- Father’s Day Edition 5-26-2015

Welcome to the Father’s Day Edition of my Week in Review!!  As many of you know, any celebration at our house begins with the FOOD, and we had PLENTY to go around!  We decided to make it easy peasy and order a bunch of chicken, mashed potatoes & gravy and good ol’ coleslaw from K.F.C.  […]

Week in Review- Mother’s Day Edition! May 15, 2015

Mother’s day at our house is a day that Mom is pampered and spoiled and this year was no exception! We celebrated Mother’s Day last Saturday by having breakfast together at a local restaurant. Here is my precious Mom and I before the food came! Nope, we didn’t even plan our outfits, but they were […]

Menu Plan- April 27 – May 1, 2015

Hello and welcome back!!  One thing that I love to do every week is menu plan!  Every Saturday afternoon I sit down and plan 5 weekday meals that my family will eat.  I try not to choose difficult recipes that require crazy ingredients that I normally do not stock in my fridge or pantry.  Since […]

5 on Friday- My Week in Review- 3-27-2015

  // ONE// My fun week began last Friday with this guy coming home from college on Spring Break! Yes, I took him to Kohls to buy some much needed clothing items.  He was still wearing his t-shirts from high school and he graduated a few years ago.  For once in his life he didn’t […]

Week in Review- Thanksgiving Edition 2014

  As with any get together, it usually starts with….laundry.  College boy was home and the Lovebirds stopped by to sleep over, so my laundry room looked like this.  I keep reminding myself that lots of laundry and shoes spread all over the room are a blessing. We ate the most delightful meal at our […]

Doggie Diet

It was a long, cold winter here in Wisconsin.  As a result, these cuties put on a little extra weight. Bella gained 5 pounds and Minnie gained 4 ounces!! Because our lab, Bella, has hip dysplasia, it’s crucial that her weight is under control so she can be as pain free as possible.  The yorkie, […]

Week in Review April 4th, 2014

Exciting things happened this week at our home… A bridal shower!! We had a fabulous celebration for this lovely lady…my future daughter in law! Yes, we made her wear the glasses and sash!! We had all kinds of amazing food, treats and beverages!! (the bridesmaids brought most of the food!)  I thought the cupcakes fashioned […]

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Mini Muffins

Today I’m sharing a really quick and easy recipe that I’ve had in my recipe collection for a long time!  Amazingly, it’s an actual weight watchers recipe that I tweaked…just a little! The best part of this recipe?  3 ingredients–and water! Here are the 3 ingredients!  To see complete recipe, scroll down. Let’s get started! […]

BLT Pasta

I asked Sweet Pea last Sunday what dinner dish she wanted me to make this week….and she said BLT Pasta!   Honestly, I had forgotten about BLT Pasta because it is Winter in Wisconsin and I think of making this dish in the Summer!  It’s been so warm here this week, turns out that this was […]

How to impress your kids….

Here’s a simple way to impress your kids and get them to eat more fruit!!  All it takes is a simple jello mold.  I bought this one years ago from the Tupperware Company.  I simply sprayed the inside of the jello mold with cooking spray, poured in the jello and fruit mixture and put it […]