What I’ve Been Priming…Puppy Style

Last March I started a new series- What I’ve been Priming.  I find it fascinating to see what others purchase on Amazon and usually get some new product ideas when I read blogs about what they buy.  So, here we go again!! You can see my last post HERE. Last March we added a new […]

Friday Favorites- January 2018

Welcome to Friday…or Thursday night, depending on when you’re reading this!!  I’m linking up with Andrea , Erika, Narci , April, Katie and Organized31 to share what I’ve been loving this month!!   <ONE> When we lost our sweet Bella last month (sorry I haven’t written about it- still too fresh!) our need for giant […]

DIY Dog Treats

I love my dogs SO much and I want to give them treats, but I worry about the ingredients in the treats.  As you saw last week on my blog, one of the items on my Summer Bucket List was to make home made dog treats- so I DID IT!  They turned out well….the treats […]

Week in Review- October 30th, 2015

ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!  and that’s what we did over the weekend!  We jumped in the car and “road tripped” it to Iowa!  We visited with my in-laws (and hubby’s Aunt and Uncle)- even got a few projects done around their house, taught my MIL about selfies,   did a little shopping, and thoroughly enjoyed eating this […]

Puppy Picks #2- The Tuffy Ultimate Gear Ring

In my first Puppy Pick post, I sure didn’t shy away for my love of the KONG! Well, today I’m sharing another of my favorites! My second Puppy Pick is from the Tuffie Toy Company!  This beauty is called the Ultimate Gear Ring and the pattern is red paws.  When I brought this home, Bella […]

Meet Minnie Moo!

I’m so excited to share with you today!  I want you to meet a “critter” that came to live with us 6 years ago! This is Minnie! One day I happened to be on the internet and was searching breeders in Wisconsin (we were contemplating getting a second dog).  I immediately fell in love with […]

Doggie No No’s…Food

Apparently, my dogs are hungry all of the time.  While we eat, they beg, they drool, they whine.  And by the way, aren’t Yorkies supposed to picky and finicky about their food??  It was especially bad over the Holidays. I believe the dogs take advantage of our festive and generous mood and tend to eat […]

Bella…Our Therapy Dog

One of the critters that lives with us here on the “Hill,” is our 5 year old yellow lab, Bella.  Now her name wasn’t always Bella…in fact her original name was Beretta which we later changed.  We found Bella at the Washington County Humane Society when she was just 6 months old.   I fell in […]

Happy 5th Birthday, Bella!!

We are celebrating today!!!  Bella turns “5”!!  We adopted her from the Humane Society….she had such a cute face!  We couldn’t resist her!  Here’s a photo of when she was in the cage at the humane society…..can you believe someone gave her up??? We were so lucky to find her!  Before we could take her […]