5 Steps to Organize a Space

What does being organized mean to you?? For me, being organized means finding things that I need quickly.  To do that, everything needs to have a home, so I can find it!  Being organized might mean something totally different to you!  Maybe it means not being embarrassed when someone drops by the house unannounced.  It […]

5 Steps to De-Cluttering

source Anyone who knows me knows that I get all “geeked up” about any article on Organizing ! I am passionate about simplifying things in my life to reduce stress and produce CALM in my house and in my head.  One of my organizing mentors (Lisa Woodruff) wrote an article that I really love.  She […]

91 Day Declutter Challenge!!

Yesterday, I started on a journey….a journey to declutter my house and only keep the things that I love or need!  I have joined the 91 day declutter challenge, organized by Mary Organizes.   It just so happens that this challenge is starting as I have said goodbye to my college boys for the summer, and […]