5 Habits to Keep Your Home Running Smoothly

  Make your bed. We have a rule in our house that the last one out of bed has to make the bed.  What a great incentive to get up early and start the day!  If you think about it, the bed is the largest item in your room, so making it all neat and […]

Simplify: The Master Bedroom

Hello!  Welcome back to Jill on the Hill!  Today is another installment on Simplifying your life!  I’ve recently been on a journey to “be in charge of less stuff” or Simplifying as you might say. Today I am showing you our Master Bedroom.  When we moved a few months ago, we decided to keep all […]

91 Day De-Cluttering Challenge- The Office

Our house does not have a so called “Office,” so I’m going to drag you around my house a bit to see the spaces that I de-cluttered and organized for this week’s challenge!  About 11 years ago we added 1800 sq. feet to the back of our house.  In the expansion, there was an odd, […]

91 Day Declutter Challenge- Day 2 Declutter Pantry

It sure gets messy when you take everything out of the pantry….whew!!  Here’s what my kitchen looked like yesterday. The challenge was to declutter the pantry !  I DID it!! Here’s the BEFORE…. Let’s get a close up of the big mess in the drawers…um, yeah….it needed some work! See, I did empty it all […]