Week in Review- December 18, 2015

Hi!  Guess what?  It’s gettin’ all festive around here!! This is probably the craziest time of the year with Basketball, more basketball, Christmas parties, shopping, and Christmas prep, but I am having a blast!  So many fun things going on! Let’s start out with Mr. Baker-Man.  For the past few years hubby has made a […]

Week in Review- September 25th, 2015

    Happy first few days of Fall!!  I have been loving the slow transition from Summer to Fall.  In Wisconsin, many times we enjoy the Summer temperatures, have about a week of comfortable Fall weather and then plummet right into Winter.  This year has been great for me!!   Our college son made an […]

5 on Friday- My Week in Review- 3-27-2015

  // ONE// My fun week began last Friday with this guy coming home from college on Spring Break! Yes, I took him to Kohls to buy some much needed clothing items.  He was still wearing his t-shirts from high school and he graduated a few years ago.  For once in his life he didn’t […]

Week in Review- March 13th, 2015

Holy Cow, guys- it’s Friday the 13th!  The date may send shivers up your spine, but I’ve always found Friday the 13th to be great day!! Let’s see….what happened this week that was exciting.  Hmmmm…Oh yes, This guy came home from college to spend some time with the family!!  We hadn’t seen him since the […]

Week in Review- January 16th, 2015

It’s the end of the week and LET’S BRING ON THE WEEKEND!!  Here’s what we’ve been up to! We watched #42 play out of town last Friday night.  Oh my…our team took a beating.  I guess that happens when one of our best players is gone.– Shoot!  Win or lose, his team is FUN to […]