Week in Review- October 31st, 2014

My week in review….Welcome back!  This week I’m going back to “Awesome vs. Awkward!” AWESOME – Trip to Iowa last weekend.  Here are a few of the events. Celebrating October Birthdays! (Grandpa 91, Sweet Pea 13, and Son #3 16) Mandarin Orange Cake! Steak dinner at Gma & Gpas house! Selfie with Grandma! Helping with […]

Week in Review- October 3, 2014

Oh, I don’t know how to feel about this week.  It’s good, it’s bad, and you know we ALWAYS have our awkward moments! Let’s start out with the Good/Bad. This girl turned 13….yes 13.  As I just typed that, the thought occurred to me that I now have 3 TEENAGERS under the roof of my […]

Week in Review- May 30th, 2014

Our weekend started out with a PARTY!  A birthday party for my Dad on Memorial Day!  We had our fill of steak, grilled veggies, pasta salad and watermelon.  All of his grand kids were home so that made it EXTRA special!! Hubby went golfing this week!  I was so impressed at his coordinated outfit.  His […]

Happy 5th Birthday, Bella!!

We are celebrating today!!!  Bella turns “5”!!  We adopted her from the Humane Society….she had such a cute face!  We couldn’t resist her!  Here’s a photo of when she was in the cage at the humane society…..can you believe someone gave her up??? We were so lucky to find her!  Before we could take her […]