Ask Ms. Jilly- 5 Ways to De-stinkify a boy’s room

A friend on Facebook recently asked me how to get that bad smell out of her son’s room.  I thought about it and came up with some strategies that I use to help with the smell- and there is a SMELL!!!   Keep shoes outside- Because my son doesn’t like to wear shoes in the […]

Teen Girl Room Tour- 2016

I’m so excited to share another room in our new house!! HUGE DISCLAIMER*****  My daughter’s room does NOT always look like this!!  She is a normal teenager and leaves stuff out on the desk sometimes & on the floor! What she DOES know is….Everything has a ‘HOME” and it is easy to put things away […]

91 Day De-cluttering Challenge- The Master Suite

This week in the De-cluttering Challenge, Mary asked us to de-clutter our Master Suite.  Because we totally over-hauled our bedroom this past summer, this was one of the easier challenges for me. Or goal was not only to change the wall colors, but to simplify our bedroom to make it easier to clean and just […]

91 Day Declutter Challenge- Kid Room #3 and Kid Room #4

I keep thanking Mary over and over again for organizing this challenge!  I am making huge strides in getting this house of mine decluttered!  This challenge has come at just the right time in my life- 2 of my sons are off to college and my other 2 are at school during the day!  Kudos […]

91 Day Declutter Challenge- Kid’s Room #2

Cleaning and organizing another “kid’s room” was the assignment for this week in the decluttering challenge.  I chose to work on one of my boys rooms…one that has recently gone to college for the first time.  This room is TINY. so it’s easy to get cluttered!!  Let’s take a look at the room before.  These […]

91 Day Declutter Challenge- Kid’s Room #1

The decluttering challenge this week was to pick one of your kid’s bedrooms and get rid of extra clothes and clutter.  The bedroom that I chose wasn’t bad at all…except for the closet.  IT NEEDED SOME SERIOUS ATTENTION!  Here are some before and afters of his bedroom.. and here are a few pics of the […]

Simplifying the Bedroom- Part 2

Welcome back to Simplifying the Bedroom…this is part 2! In order to be motivated to change something, there’s usually a problem that pushes you to that point. Meet Motivator #1… The tower of books. This tower of books sits below, under and around my nightstand.  Yes, I have varied taste in reading material… Solution:  move […]

Simplifying the Bedroom Part 1

This is the year…..the year that I am taking the time to simplify my life!!  I’m very excited to show you a room that we’ve been working on recently…our bedroom.   Here’s our old bedroom. I LOVED this bedroom!  We painted it this pink color to add some color to our normally off-white walls.  I hired […]