Teen Girl Room Tour- 2016

I’m so excited to share another room in our new house!! HUGE DISCLAIMER*****  My daughter’s room does NOT always look like this!!  She is a normal teenager and leaves stuff out on the desk sometimes & on the floor! What she DOES know is….Everything has a ‘HOME” and it is easy to put things away […]

5 Habits to Keep Your Home Running Smoothly

  Make your bed. We have a rule in our house that the last one out of bed has to make the bed.  What a great incentive to get up early and start the day!  If you think about it, the bed is the largest item in your room, so making it all neat and […]

Getting your kids to bed…The 3 “B’s”

When our kids were little,  we started a routine that helped “ease” them into bedtime.   Because we had kids at all different age levels, bedtime was different for each one which made for a challenge.  With a little consistency and routine, our kids didn’t fight bedtime but actually enjoyed it.  Here’s the secret….. The […]