Week in Review- July 17, 2015

A few of us, those who were out of bed before noon, popped over to our new house last Saturday and did a little painting.  (Saving the big bucks ya know!)  We just so happened to have a gallon of paint (Sherwin Williams “Coastal Plain”) in our basement that was nearly full, so we used […]

Ham & Asparagus Bundles

Years ago I subscribed to a meal plan called 5 dinners one hour. The gist is that you get 5 dinner meal plans for the week and the grocery list is already generated for you. You shop, come home and prepare all of the dinner meals for the week in about an hour.  Great concept, […]

Oven Roasted Asparagus

Vegetables…..it’s almost a naughty word at our house.  The kids aren’t so bad now, but when they were little, we rotated through green beans, salad, and carrots and dip as a side dish,  because that’s practically all they ate!  Now, they are more adventurous and will try just about any vegetable!  This is one of […]