91 Day De-Cluttering Challenge- basement

Being the week of Thanksgiving , the challenge of time and temperature were against me this week to de-clutter my garage.  As you can see, the temperature outside was 10 degrees!  Because of the temperature, I decided to forget the garage and tackle the basement!   We live in a ranch style home so our […]

91 Day De-cluttering Challenge- Bathrooms

Mary’s challenge this week was to work on de-cluttering bathrooms.  We have three bathrooms in our home, but I only had the time to de-clutter and clean two.  These two bathrooms are on the main floor of our house.  (We have another in the basement too) One, is our master bathroom and the other is […]

91 Day De-Cluttering Challenge- The Sunroom…MY playroom!

This week in Mary’s De-Cluttering Challenge, she had us working on our “Playrooms.”  Now, because my kids are older, we don’t have a designated playroom with toys anymore, but I know from experience that those rooms often look like a massive explosion of Toys R Us!!  Good Luck to those tackling that challenge this week!! […]

91 Day De-Cluttering Challenge- Landing Areas

Landing Areas….Landing Areas…  I wasn’t quite sure what Mary meant by de-cluttering our landing areas.  Luckily,  she gave more detail and explained that landing areas are “places that collect clutter on a daily basis.”  Oh…. does she mean places like this? or this? or how about this… I’m pretty sure that we all have Landing […]

91 day De-cluttering Challenge- Closets

The challenge this week kicked my bootie!!  Mary from Mary Organizes challenged us to de-clutter closets, and the first closet I conquered was a disaster!  While I had big plans to attack 3 closets this week, I just didn’t have the time or energy, so I settled for 2.  It’s not about perfection, it’s about […]

91 Day De-Cluttering Challenge- The Office

Our house does not have a so called “Office,” so I’m going to drag you around my house a bit to see the spaces that I de-cluttered and organized for this week’s challenge!  About 11 years ago we added 1800 sq. feet to the back of our house.  In the expansion, there was an odd, […]

91 Day De-cluttering Challenge- The Master Suite

This week in the De-cluttering Challenge, Mary asked us to de-clutter our Master Suite.  Because we totally over-hauled our bedroom this past summer, this was one of the easier challenges for me. Or goal was not only to change the wall colors, but to simplify our bedroom to make it easier to clean and just […]

91 Day De-clutter Challenge- Laundry Room!!

This is Week #5 of Mary’s Decluttering Challenge and our assignment this week was to declutter our laundry rooms.  My laundry room is also used as a mudroom and is located right off our garage, so it is a HIGH TRAFFIC AREA!!  My family tends to walk in the door and drop everything.  This is […]

91 Day Declutter Challenge- Kid Room #3 and Kid Room #4

I keep thanking Mary over and over again for organizing this challenge!  I am making huge strides in getting this house of mine decluttered!  This challenge has come at just the right time in my life- 2 of my sons are off to college and my other 2 are at school during the day!  Kudos […]

91 Day Declutter Challenge- Kid’s Room #2

Cleaning and organizing another “kid’s room” was the assignment for this week in the decluttering challenge.  I chose to work on one of my boys rooms…one that has recently gone to college for the first time.  This room is TINY. so it’s easy to get cluttered!!  Let’s take a look at the room before.  These […]