My Sports Mom’s Survival Bag!

  Now that the snow is gone and we can see the grass, many sports teams are starting to practice and some are even playing!!  This amazing idea came from my sweet friend, Wendy.  She has a son that was very involved in baseball and she was the Team Mom. My own four kids were very […]

My Favorite Perfumes- 2015

        Happy by Clinque-  This has been my go-to perfume for years!  It’s one of Clinique’s top selling perfumes.  A friend of mine had worn it and I just loved the scent…it truly makes me HAPPY!! Clean Warm Cotton– I found this scent at Sephora when I was just “smelling around.”  This […]

The Secret of Contentment

As some of you may know, we are in the process of building a new home.  We love our current home, but as our oldest children leave the nest, the house is becoming a burden.  There are bedrooms that are not being used, various rooms that are waaaaaay dustier than they should be and because […]

The Craziest Thing I’ve Ever Done!!

Our honeymoon adventure began as we landed in the glorious Hawaiian islands- quite a break from the ice and snow of the Midwest!  One of the days on our 10 day stay, we traveled to Volcanoes National Park on the big island of Hawaii.  While stopping at a certain point in our drive, we noticed […]

Here’s What We’re Reading! Winter 2015

It’s Winter here in Wisconsin and it’s too cold to spend time outside, but it’s the perfect time to READ!! Here’s what we’re reading! Hubs is reading “Generous Justice” by Timothy Keller.  This was a book that our pastor recommended. I’m reading “Keep it Shut” by Karen Ehman.  This book has been a good one!  […]

Tips for Selling on Facebook Buy & Sell Groups

Another great name for this post could be “Make money from things you already have!”  Because we are building a new house and I’m literally looking over all of the STUFF we will have to move, I am highly motivated to sift through drawers, closets and cabinets to get rid of unused items in our […]

Make Your Own Fire Starters

I thought it was really strange when a friend of mine started asking me to save my dryer lint for her.  As you well know, my washer and dryer run pretty much 24/7 so it wasn’t a problem for me to rack up a large mass of dryer lint to give to her. Delivering the […]

The Shoe Switcheroo!

Is it time yet?  I think it is! Goodbye Summer sandals & flip flops!  It’s time to bring out the Fall clogs and boots!! My process starts by kindly asking hubby to reach Waaaaaay up on the top shelf to get down the out of season shoes.  He always obliges…it makes him feel like a […]

Taking My Profile Picture

After a year or so with the same bloggie profile picture, I decided to switch things up and change it.  Luckily, I have a son that knows the little details on the technical side of switching my picture, so all I had to do was take the picture!  Well, that proved to be interesting and […]

Crafting A God Centered Schedule

   Is your schedule running you? or are you running your schedule? Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed and exhausted? Me too!!  I recently read a book that helped me learn to prioritize my life by simplifying my schedule.  In his book, Simplify, Bill Hybels first talks about what is draining you and encourages you to […]