Saving Money: Buying Fruits and Vegetables “In Season”

Our family has a weekly grocery budget, and I try my best to stay under that dollar limit!  It’s a much easier task during the school year because one of my sons is at college….but summertime is always a challenge!  One thing I try to do is buy fruit and vegetables “in season.”  Of course […]

Change is the answer !!!

I’m not quite sure if this post belongs in the “Saving Money” category, but this is a way to gain extra money each month!  Here’s how it works….for the next month, spend only paper money and collect the change in a jar, container, bag or whatever works for you.  Hopefully by the end of the […]

Home Haircuts

Our boys have very simple hairstyles.  It seemed really silly for me to pay $20-ish dollars to have their hair cut.  I decided to break down and buy what my kids call “the buzzer.”  “Buzzing” their hair turned out to not be a big deal…the hardest part was remembering to put the attachment on so […]