Raising kids who enjoy church: Our experience

I want to first start out by saying that this post is purely based on OUR EXPERIENCE.  We don’t have all the answers and we are not experts!!!  These are the habits that we have found to “up the odds” that our kids will enjoy going to church, which may eventually lead them to know […]

My Sports Mom’s Survival Bag!

  Now that the snow is gone and we can see the grass, many sports teams are starting to practice and some are even playing!!  This amazing idea came from my sweet friend, Wendy.  She has a son that was very involved in baseball and she was the Team Mom. My own four kids were very […]

Laundry with Littles (Under age 10)

Would you think I was weird if I told you that I like doing laundry?  Well, I DO!!  I’m not an expert by any means and I always call my Mom for advice when I have a stain I can’t get out, but I’ve done my fair share of laundry over the last 24 years! […]

4 Ways to Reduce Your Laundry

  1.  Wear things more than once. Yes, I’m giving you permission- you’re not a dirty person, you’re just being SMART! Yes, it’s true- you CAN wear things more than once before you wash them.  In fact, I usually wear most things twice before I wash them, with the exception of undies and socks, of […]

Parenting: Be Ready for Bullies!

  (source) I think we can all agree that bullies have been around for  years and years. Only recently has our culture started talking about the subject.  Today I’m sharing some tools and tips that I learned from Sally Ogden, a Love & Logic facilitator.  She suggests that you share these with your kids.  This […]

3 Easy Ways to Bond with Your Child

According to the Merriam- Webster Dictionary, this is the definition of bonding: BONDING: the formation of a close relationship especially through frequent or constant association. A wise, wise woman once told me that a quick and easy way to make your child feel special, loved and bonded to you was to do 3 simple things. […]

The 3 point check…for teenagers!

My older boys have come up with a little routine that they do before they leave the house in the morning.  They call it the 3 point check. The 3 point check involves tapping their 2 front pockets and then their back pocket.  These taps are checking for phone, keys and wallet.  One of my […]

Getting your kids to bed…The 3 “B’s”

When our kids were little,  we started a routine that helped “ease” them into bedtime.   Because we had kids at all different age levels, bedtime was different for each one which made for a challenge.  With a little consistency and routine, our kids didn’t fight bedtime but actually enjoyed it.  Here’s the secret….. The […]

I’m a bag lady!

In order to get out of the house on time for our various activities, I use bags, so the kids can just grab and go!  Here’s a picture of some of our bags.  Starting from the left…my son’s basketball bag, my hubby’s coaching bag, daughter’s basketball bag, my summer baseball bag, daughter’s cheerleading bag and […]

Parenting: School Conferences

    School Conferences….a time to learn the good and the not so good about your child.  I feel strongly that this brief meeting with your child’s teacher should be short, straight to the point and a collaboration of parent/s and teacher working together for the benefit of the child. One way that we make […]