What I’ve Been Priming…Puppy Style

Last March I started a new series- What I’ve been Priming.  I find it fascinating to see what others purchase on Amazon and usually get some new product ideas when I read blogs about what they buy.  So, here we go again!! You can see my last post HERE.

Last March we added a new family member (Honey) to our clan, so as I was looking back at our Amazon purchases and most of them were doggie items.  This fun post will be solely dedicated to Puppy Products!!

Here’s her Gotcha Day…

The Basics

We had a smaller crate that I bought off of a Facebook buy & sell group when Honey was little, but now she has a big girl crate with an insert.  She still doesn’t love her crate (rats) but she stays in it when we leave the house.  We’ve started putting her food bowl in the crate to help her love it, and when we leave we try to give her some interactive toys with treats to keep her busy.  Her favorite interactive toys are her snuffle mat, Kong wobbler, Kong, and Licki Mat (smear peanut butter on it.)  Little Minnie likes them too!!!

We bought her a super plush memory foam bed and blanket for our bedroom, which she slept in for a while, until she found our bed….OOOPs, I guess we started a bad habit.



My VERY FAVORITE travel item is this Seat Extender!  It makes traveling so much better because Honey can stretch out. (I usually put a towel over both the seat and extender to keep it clean.) She looks comfy, doesn’t she?

On long car trips I like to bring her collapsible bowls so we can feed and water her (hehehe) at rest stops. For the most part, she’s potty trained but I bring along Nature’s miracle and paper towels just in case.  (you never know.)  Her leash and everything else fit in this cute personalized travel bag (LOVE the paw print icon)- I just LOVE all of the side pockets and then the large storage area.

Honey and Minnie both LOVE the new dog park that has opened within 5 minutes of our house- I love it too!!  It’s so fun to see other dogs and talk with their owners! We’ve been going about twice a week!  It really wears them out! Dog park 1, Minnie 0  !!

Yes, I’m one of those crazy dog ladies that has a special bag that I take to the dog park .

This one is perfect because it’s light, hands free and carries the SUPER popular Gulpy, poop bags, my driver’s licence and car keys- just grab and GO!! We had a little incident at the park with our Yorkie and a German shepherd last week.  I’ve often wondered what to do if a dog fight breaks out, just to break them up…maybe I should  get a small air horn?  or pet correcter?  Let me know what you think below, please! Running around the park makes them so hot, and doodles are hot anyway, so I bought this Cooling Mat for her…she gravitates to it every day, dog park or not!!



We have our golden doodle and teacup yorkie groomed periodically, and she suggested buying these to items to brush them- especially for Honey, the doodle.  This steel comb removes tangles, mats, loose hair and dirt and makes her all fluffy! She said this slicker brush helps to remove the dead hair from the undercoat and top coat. I’m all for LESS SHEDDING!!!  We’ve shampoo’d with both of these- found the one on the left on a TJ Maxx run, and the CHI shampoo is from Pet Smart.  The CHI smells so good that I bought the detangling spray for those days when your pooch needs a little bath and you don’t have the time!  Ha!!


Well, that’s about it as far as buying things on Amazon lately.  Oh, I did buy a few more items that weren’t doggie related.  I bought these mashed potatoes for my Mom and I to split, and I had to buy my daughter some books for her AP Language class:  In Cold blood, Fast food nation, and Freakonomics and I bought a Cutlery set as a wedding gift!  Pretty random, hey??

Honey was such a cute little pupper!!  Love you, Honey Bee!!

That’s it for what I’ve been priming- LOTS of doggie items!!  Don’t forget, tomorrow is AMAZON PRIME DAY- hopefully they’ll have some really good deals!  It’ll be like Christmas in July, and I have a few things on my list!




  1. sue Mackey says:

    Love all of this. You do such a good job and of course I always love to see pics of Honey, Min, and the girlie!! <3