What’s Up, Wednesday- June 2018

Happy, Happy, Wednesday, friends!!  It’s time for the monthly linky party with Shay, Mel & Shaeffer!!  The last Wednesday of the month is when we share “What’s Up” in our lives!!  Now, on with the show!!!




What we’re eating this week!!

BBQ Pork Sandwiches

Chicken Stirfry


Baked Sandwiches

and my daughter’s favorite- Honey Sesame Chicken  (Psst…the crockpot does all of the work!!)

 What I’m reminiscing about…

I can’t get my mind off of that Taco Pizza that I made last week!! Would it be wrong to have it again this week??  I don’t think my family would complain!!

What I’m Loving…

This HeatMat from Target!!  It’s a game changer, my friends!!  We have Corian counter tops in our bathrooms and I know that heat can damage the finish, so I’ve been using a book to set my hair straightener on.  I found the heatmat and I’m so happy with it!!!

What I’m working on…

Teaching our puppy some manners!!  Honey just finished up with puppy class, but is still learning not to jump on people and NOT to counter surf!! Now, if only I could get her to do the dishes while she’s up there!!

What I’m Excited About…

Hugging my In-Laws!  They live in Iowa, and we will be visiting them in a few weeks!

 What I’m Watching/Reading

THIS book….

I can’t remember where I saw this, but it intrigued me! I took the quiz online and I discovered my CHRONOTYPE.  According to your own chronotype, the book tells you when it’s the best time to eat lunch, exercise, take a nap, ask for a raise, etc.  It’s pretty interesting!!

 What I’m listening to…

My jam right now is….


What I’m Wearing…

I’ve started wearing watches again!!  I’m not sure why I ever stopped- maybe because the battery stopped, but I’ve been sporting them on my wrist again!  Here’s my favorite one right now…I think it was a Kohl’s purchase a few years ago.

What I’m doing This Weekend…

Whatever I want!!!!  Hubby is golfing all weekend, and my daughter is heading to Chicago to see her boyfriend, Harry Styles, in concert!  Hehehe!!

I’m guessing I will have dinner with my parents, catch up on old DVR’ed shows and a make a visit or 2 to the dog park!

What I’m looking forward to next month…

Hopefully seeing my son….who’s been working in Northern WI as a camp counselor!  Crossing fingers that he will move back home at the end of July!!


Anything else?

Cant think of anything else!!


Do you plan your meals in the Summer or just go with the flow??

Leave me a comment and let me know!!!

See you next week!


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Lots of good stuff here. I can not believe how big your “little” puppy is. Oh, how she has grown. Keep posting these interesting things and photos. I do so enjoy them.

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