Father’s Day- 2018

Our Father’s Day get together was kind of a last minute thing, but sometimes those work out the best!! Our Wisconsin weather was unseasonably warm so we decided a pool day was going to be an enjoyable outing. I packed our towels, goggles and pool toys in the Large Utility Tote in my favorite summer print, Lotta Collata.  Our cold drinks and snacks were in the Sand n Shore Thermal– LOVE the starfish print, and I brought my purse, well, because I would feel lost without it!!  Ha!

Our married sons and their wives came over too…it was great to have them all together.  We were missing one son.  He is working in Northern WI as a camp counselor for the next 6 weeks. Boo Hoo!!

We bought a few new pool toys from Target – they especially had fun with this big swan!  Unfortunately, my hubby accidentally poked a hole in the neck right off the bat, so we affectionately called it ” the sleeping swan.”

So many fun conversations just throwing a ball around!!

Hubby found some time to FLOAT.  This is one of his happy places in the summer- the pool!  The other is on the golf course!! So glad that he enjoyed his Father’s Day!!

Little Man swam a bit and then got all tuckered out.  After a dip in the pool to cool off, Grandma (me) was happy to just sit under the table umbrella and watch him sleep while Mommy and Daddy swam.  Btw, I could just eat those little toes up!!

Did I mention that it was HOT?  Our car was sitting in the sun, so I don’t think it was actually THIS warm, but it was certainly in the mid to upper 90’s!

Relaxing didn’t last long for hubby, as he was put to work grilling!  The chef was preparing chicken thighs and steak. Did you notice his new tennis shoes??  They’re a new purchase from Kohls!  #stylin’

The pups were ready to join in the feast..yes, please!!

Oh, how I love potluck dinners!  We had chicken thighs, steak, macaroni, potato salad, fruit salad, watermelon and baked beans. Trust me, no one went home hungry!!

We hung out for a little while….

and then had this delicious custard pie! I HAD to buy it after it was one of the samples from Costco! YUM!

Work smarter, not harder, right??

It was a good Father’s Day!!! #Poolhairdon’tcare

Later this week I’m sharing a delicious recipe for Taco Pizza!!


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    So sorry I had to miss it. Sounds like so much fun and always, the food looks delicious. Your Dad said the steak was cooked to perfection. Kudos to the Grill Guy! Happy Fathers day to All of you Dads!!!!!!!