What’s Up Wednesday- May 2018

Welcome to What’s Up Wednesday!!

Once a month I link up with Mel, Schaeffer and Shay to share the fun stuff that we’re doing!!!

If you have a blog and want to join along, go right ahead- the more, the merrier!!

Let’s get this party started!!!


What we’re eating this week!!

Orange Chicken (via Costco frozen section)

Loaded Nachos


Chicken salad



What I’m reminiscing about…

Our Memorial Day weekend with all of our kids and their families!!


What I’m loving….

I’m loving this new print by Thirty-One Gifts

I’m using my Lotta Colada Large Utility Tote as my pool bag this Summer!  But last weekend, I took it up north to store some food, my computer, towels and doggie treats!! Feel free to shop here to get your very own!!  Til the end of May, Large Utility Totes are $10 when you spend $35!  SO, you could get 2 totes for $45 plus shipping and handling!!

L to R-  Summer Days Towel, Large Utility Tote, Zipper Pouch and Retro Metro Weekender.



What we’ve been up to lately…

Puppy Class!!  Our sweet girl is doing so well with training! Last week we worked on SIT and this week we are practicing DOWN, STAY and COME!  What she really needs to work on is NO COUNTER SURFING!!!!! HA!!

What I’m dreading…

This guy, leaving for his Summer job…at a Christian Camp in Northern WI …for at least 6 weeks!

I think we spent a fortune at Kohls yesterday, stocking up on shorts, tee- shirts and extra swimming suits!

He will miss his little Honey Bee!!  She’ll be much bigger when he comes home again!!

What I’m excited about…

Eating these homemade noodles that Son #3 made!!!

What I’m watching/reading…

The Bachelorette, of course!!

Still working on reading this book!  I’ve been so tired at night that I read one page and I’m out like a light!!

Girl, wash your face by Rachel Hollis


What I’m listening to…

A well, being dug on a new home site in our subdivision!  Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!

What I’m wearing…

Video Violet Shellac Polish with some stamping and foil!!  I LOVE purple!!

Please excuse my dishpan hands!!


What I’m doing this weekend…

Looking forward to watching a friend’s son and his fiance get married!!!

What I’m looking forward to next month…

I will enjoy having this girl home all day and enjoying the Summer!!  She puts a lot of effort into her school work, so when she can kick back, breathe and relax, this Momma is happy!!!

What else is new…

Honey will probably have to find a different bed to sleep in, don’t you think???

See you next week, friends!!



  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Honey is so funny! :ove to see her in Minnie’s bed. Happy to see the Memorial day pics. I know that you all had a lot of fun. Congrats to son #3 for making the noodles. Excellent job, young man! Love your purple nails. Especially the sparkly foil! =) Have fun at the wedding…I know that it will be special.