Life Lately!

What have we been up to lately???

Hmmmmmm, let’s see….


Well, here comes a big photo dump from the last week or so!!  Are you ready??  Let’s GO!!

This guy finished his college exams and moved home a week or so ago!  It wasn’t long and he was off again to a leadership camp for the week.  BUT, He was home long enough to make dinner!  He really wanted to make sushi or pho, but he settled on his favorite chili recipe!!  BONUS- he even cleaned up the mess after cooking!! Yesssss!! He’s a keeper for sure!

Up next was haircuts for the dogs…we prefer to call it their doggie spa day!!  The doodle pup, Honey, was in need of a face trim so she could see…it was her first hair cut.  Rumor has it that she didn’t exactly like the blow dryer!!  Hahaha!! She’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!!!  (Name that movie!)


Mother’s Day was actually celebrated on Saturday night…which was fine with me!!  We had an awesome taco bar…we call it chipotle bowls!!  We had ground beef and grilled chicken (watch the video on how to shred chicken the easy way) and then you could just load up your salad with numerous toppings!  So Filling…BUT, I made sure to save room for my Mom’s Homemade Banana Pudding with Nilla Wafers- it’s a crowd pleaser!! Recipe coming soon!!  Was it bad that I had my Mom cook for Mother’s Day??

Here are some pics from our Mother’s Day celebration!  Pay special attention to the picture on the bottom right.  It’s my Dad with his great-grandson.  I will always cherish that picture!!

It was my daughter in love’s FIRST Mother’s Day!!! They had prayed for this little one to come into their lives for over a year, so having him here this year has been so special! #ThankyouGod  Yep, he’s having his dinner!

It’s been so fun watching how the weather and scenery has been changing over the last few weeks!  We’re enjoying the tulips in our yard…

The Orioles have come back to visit us, and we’re supplying them with plenty of oranges and grape jelly!!

These 3 guys are lined up for the chow!! One has cleverly figured out how to stay out of the rain!

Ummmmmm………yeah.  That’s interesting! She wasn’t interested in the grape jelly!

Check out the bird above her!!!  She’s like ” What in the world?”


What else, what else…

Oh, yes…let’s not forget about DATE NIGHT!!  We’re trying to do this on a weekly basis now!! Cheers!!!

That’s what’s been going on here!  Lots of puppy lovin’ still going on!  Can’t wait for Puppy class that starts next week!!  Oh boy, oh boy!  That is sure to cause some giggles!!!!

See you next week!!!


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Oh, how I loved your “Jill on the Hill” this week. So many fun pictures to see. I love your bird pics. Especially “big bird”! Now that was funny! Our Mother’s Day dinner the day before Mother’s Day was wonderful. The food was delicious….even my banana pudding. =) Your puppies are so cute….Both of them. Thanks for sharing. I love the tulips. Is the Mister responsible for planting the bulbs? They are so colorful. Nice job! I love seeing Great Grandpa and our sweet Great grand boy. We are all blessed. I love that you posted so many wonderful pictures. Keep posting. Love you all.