How We: Transition Our Wardrobes

Hello, and welcome to How We….Wednesday!! Once a month Erika and Shay host a link up where they talk about a certain topic, and I’ve decided to join in this months link up! Here are are few more posts that are part of the series….

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This Month, MAY, we are talking about how we transition our wardrobes from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer!  Here in Wisconsin we see all four seasons, but I only change out the clothes twice a year.

So, here’s a picture of my closet….sorry, it’s not Pinterest worthy, but it’s very functional!!  That’s what is most important, right?!!  I am twitching a little about how the bags aren’t sitting all plumped up and perfectly arranged.  😯  Giving myself some grace….grace….

You can see my Fall and Winter wardrobe game is still strong- this Wisconsin weather can’t make up it’s mind. We have had a few days in the 70’s though!!! Seriously, our furnace and air conditioner are taking turns, depending on the day!

Anyway, back to the post.  Here are the 2 Large Utility Totes from Thirty-One in the Woodblock Whimsy print that I am using in the top of my closet to store my out of season clothing.  It’s a great time to get one because they are on sale for $10 each when you spend $35!!  Actually, I just use one of them to store those Summer tops and Capris- the other one has extra sheets and other miscellaneous items in it.

Here’s the tote with my clothes in it.  I will simply take them out, wash them and load my cold weather clothing in there and heave it back into the top of the closet. Tops for the totes can be purchased too, to keep the dust to a minimum.

Now here is another side of my closet.  Focus on the shoes in the hanging sweater rack- yes, I’m a rule breaker- I filled that rack with my winter shoes and boots.  You’ll notice that some of them are thrown in there all cocky wobble, because, well…#teethingpuppy and I had to get them off the floor quickly!!

See the bin at the bottom of the closet?  Well, that’s where I store my Summer shoes! I know some of you are gasping at how few shoes that I have.  Well, it’s true, I’m not a “shoe person.”

I smoosh those suckers into the bin at the end of the season and load up the others. Easy Peasy!

Sweet Honey Bee is always interested in helping me!!

Well, that’s it….that’s how I transition my wardrobe!!  Hop on over to the link up to see how others transition their clothing!!





  1. Sue Mackey says:

    You are so organized. Proud of you and your organizing skills. P. S. Your Honey Bee is so pretty. And I just know that she is a lot of help!