Bridal Shower & Entertaining Tip!

Spring is such a popular time for bridal showers, and I went to the cutest little bridal shower a few Saturdays ago.  While we wanted the weather to be warm enough to wear sandals and cute dresses, the reality was that there was still snow on the ground, so I threw a jean jacket over my sleeveless Spring-y top and called it good!!

I was so impressed how the ladies pulled boxes of goodies out of their cars and brought them into the venue to set up.  It was amazing to see what they put together in such little time!!  Decorating is a gene I certainly didn’t get!!  I LOVE Pinterest for all kinds of ideas!!!

Look, fresh eucalyptus branches!!!

Look at all of this gorgeous food!!!  I’m seeing ALL colors of the rainbow….perfect!!

I LOVED the purple cupcakes with the edible pearl beads…even if I had purple teeth and tongue afterward!

Check this out…  This is genius and I’m probably the only one who didn’t know this!!!  Along with the iced tea in the carafe behind the cupcakes, the hosts offered more drinks, and the way they were displayed was mind blowing to me!!  They filled up the sink with ice (plug the drain) and set the other beverages into the sink.  As the ice melts, the drinks are still being chilled by the cold water.  Clean up is a cinch because you just take out any leftover drinks, unplug the drain, and rinse out the sink!  How awesome is that??!!!

The hostesses did a wonderful job, and the bride and groom to be were adorable and very appreciative!!

They had a FEW gifts to open too!!!

After so many years of entertaining, how did I miss the “sink” tip??  Do you have more entertaining tips that I might not know about, because I need to be enlightened!!!

See ya next week!!!

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  1. Once (I think it was for one of girl’s graduation parties) we put ice in the wash machine (our laundry room is right off our kitchen) & put the drinks in the wash machine – same idea as the kitchen sink – cold ice water helps chill the drinks & when the party’s over you just drain the wash machine & you’re done!

  2. Sue Mackey says:

    Lots of good ideas here. Loved all of the colorful and delicious food ideas, also. So happy that a good time was had by all. Cute couple and many nice gifts to open.