What’s Up Wednesday- March 2018


Happy Wednesday!! Today I’m answering the question of What’s Up Wednesday!  Here are the topics!!


WUWquestions-edit-969x1024What we’re eating…

French Dip Sandwiches

Chili  and Chicken Curry Soup (Potluck at our house!)


Crispy Cheddar Chicken

Tacos- rockin’ the soft shells

What I’m Reminiscing About…

Spending Easter at my in-laws in Iowa.  Their home was put up for sale this week- they lived there for over 50 years!  My hubby grew up there and we spent so many weekends visiting, shooting hoops in the driveway, climbing the trees (lots of sap) walking around their subdivision, whiffle ball games in the driveway and of course, the Easter egg hunts with the kids in their front yard when the kids were little.

Easter- 2008


What I’m Loving…

Having this guy home for HIS college SPRING Break!


What we’ve been up to…

I’ve been planning for a get together at our house with our life group from church.  I’m making chili and my favorite soup for our guests, along with my favorite cookie bar recipe of all time!!  Our friends are bringing a dish to pass so it will be one big Potluck dinner!  We’re sure to have a great time conversating (I made that word up) and munching!

What I’m dreading…


What I’m working on…

I’ve been watching SO MANY videos on YouTube on how to survive the first few nights with a puppy!

What I’m excited about…


Coming to us on SATURDAY!!


What I’ve Been Watching/Reading…

Stranger Things on Netflix!!  We’re into the second season now! This show creeps my husband out- but he watches it with me!!!


Survivor….Ghost Island

We may not actually get to watch it on Wednedays, but we love to watch all of the scheming, um..I mean strategy, challenges and drama!


You’ll laugh, but I am loving this cookbook, and not for the recipes- although they are interesting too!!  The cookbook is written by a fellow Wisconsinite that grew up in Osh Kosh and vacationed “up north” every summer.  She tells the stories behind the recipes and many of them are quite humorous!!


What I’m Listening To…

Birds outside!!!  I really think spring is on it’s way!!

What I’ve Been Wearing…

Vests and more vest…my favorite!!

What I’m Doing This Weekend…

Watching Basketball

Picking up our new puppy

Visiting with our kids and new grandson #thesnuggleisreal

Watching more Basketball

What a GREAT WEEKEND, hey???

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month…

Easter and SPRING BREAK!!!  We’re not doing anything exotic, but having my girlie home from school (when she’s not babysitting) will be so nice!!

What Else?

Life is really good right now, and I’m appreciating that- even if I’m not on the beach!


Tell me in the comments one thing that you had for dinner this week!  I need ideas for what to make next week! Thanks!!!





  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Wonderful post, as always. Memories of past Easters, Son #3 home for a visit, darling pup, sorry about your crown, but you do deserve a real crown…with jewels, love the cookbook…might borrow it to read it. Sounds fun. Love all of your photos, etc. Ya dun gud!