What I’ve Been Priming…


Hello Friends!!  Anyone else get excited when the brown truck pulls up to your door??  Oh, I absolutely LOVE it!!  I think one of the very best things in life is being able to purchase things on the computer and never have to leave your house- at no extra charge!!  That is why I’m such a big fan of Amazon Prime!  We joined a few years back and clearly for us, the membership pays for itself!

I NEED this coffee mug!!


Because I really enjoy seeing what others buy on Amazon Prime, I am going to show you what I have bought recently for our family!! Earlier this week we received a package that was full of items that my daughter NEEDED.  Interesting what teenagers NEED these days. LOL!!!

First up, she ordered this book…you should have seen the big grin on her face when she opened the box and it was there!  She wasn’t expecting it for a few more days!  Too bad she has 5 tests to study for tonight or else she would be all stretched out on her bed reading!  #bookworm

“Restore Me” by Tahera Mafi


Because she has braces and is a little obsessed with keeping her teeth clean, we are constantly ordering these special flossers!  They are a MUST for anyone with braces!

Platypus Flossers


When you go on a church winter retreat, you must wear the right boots to win at broom ball, right? You have to look good when you’re playing!! These are also good for walking the half mile from the school parking lot to the high school every morning.  She ordered these a few months ago and she loves them!!  and LOOK, they zip on the side!!

Sperry Topsider Women’s Thinsulate Rain Boot.


Apparently, it’s not cool anymore to bring a purse to school.  Who knew??  The thing to have is a lanyard. You wear it around your neck all day…student ID, driver’s license, car keys and all!  It looks extra cute with this pink puff ball!! She decided on black so it will blend with all of her outfits!! #fashioniseverythingyaknow

Bird Fiy Vertical Style PU Leather ID Badge Holder and Lanyard

Pink Puff

PicMonkey Collage

I added a few orders too…Yay!! I purchased these super fun catalog mailers for my business!  Wouldn’t you want to get this in the mail?  It just screams Spring and warm weather!

Pineapple Mailer


Because I became a Grandma recently, I just HAD to buy him a few books.  This is one of my favorite books….what a great message it has!!

You are Special


Mercer Mayer books were favorites with my kids….I had to grab this one!

Mercer Mayer Book- 2 in 1


This is a very highly rated touch and feel book- you must never touch a monster..except in this book!! FUN!

Monster Book


That’s it for now!!  What have you been Priming??

Couldn’t leave without sharing this picture!!


See you next week when I will be revealing some of my parenting fails!!! That will be fun, won’t it??

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Love it all. Very entertaining and fun to see your orders. Must look into Amazon. I’m sure there would be a thing or two I might be interested in….(Insert chuckle here!)