Why I watch the Bachelor (and don’t feel guilty!)


Yes, I watch the Bachelor!  Is that OK?  Clearly I don’t watch the show for the strong morals and the success of watching strong marriages form from the show!!! Duh!!   Here are some reasons that I have joined Bachelor Nation…

  1. I don’t want to watch Monday night football!!  Ha!!
  2. It’s bonding time with family & friends…mostly my daughter, although hubby watched it last week.
  3. I can travel internationally with out leaving the house!
  4. The show makes me laugh- oh, the pointless drama!
  5. I still laugh at the “occupations”- dog lover, twin, free spirit!!
  6. Discussions over the fashion, hair styles, and dating are always interesting.
  7. Conversations arise from watching the questionable behavior or rather lack of appropriate behavior in the show!
  8. This show is exactly opposite of my life!!
  9. It’s a competition and I want to see who wins!!!
  10. I can turn my brain off and watch the “train wreck!”

Do you watch the Bachelor? Who will be Arie’s choice??  Becca or Lauren???