A Week in The Life…

So many people have asked me what I do all day as a stay at home Mom and all of the kids are in school.  Well, today I thought I would show you a little glimpse of the things I do during my week. Obviously, I’m not showing you everything…just the highlight reel!! I’m quite sure you don’t want to see me loading the dishwasher, feeding the dog and cleaning the bathrooms!!! LOL!!`


  Monday was my Birthday…let’s just say it was a milestone birthday! (wink)  We had celebrated the night before by having dinner and then finishing with some yummy desserts back at the house. My Mom even made me a Butterfinger pie! (She knows me well!)  Can I just tell you how much JOY I get from having all of my family together at one time?  It’s heavenly!! Here are the 3 February birthday buddies!  Me, my Mama, and my oldest son.

IMG_0076 - Copy

Here’s my attempt at making a white cake from scratch with buttercream frosting. (3 sticks of butter for the frosting alone, people!!)  Not the prettiest by far, but the candles were a great distraction from the bad frosting job!!


Here it is, folks…the Butterfinger Pie!!


My sweet hubby and daughter both brought home flowers to surprise me!!




My Mom’s group at church meets a few mornings a month – it’s always inspirational, fun, and I always come home with a big smile!!


In the afternoon, I got to check off an item on my bucket list, thanks to a good friend!  I shot 50 rounds on my 50th birthday!!  It was a little scary for me, even just the noise of it all, but it was something I wanted to experience!


Not too bad, for the first time!!!




In the afternoon, I went with my Dad to check out a car for my college son.  He’s in the market for a used car since he will be working out of town this Summer and needs his own transportation.  We found a great deal and my son is SUPER happy with the car!  P.S.  when haggling the price for cars, it’s always a good idea to take my  Dad- he’s one tough negotiator!!  =)


Wednesday was also Valentine’s Day!!!  We celebrated BIG- just the 2 of us…at home, eating Roast Beef Roll ups- how romantic!!

PicMonkey Collage-V



In the morning, this little girl, Minnie, had a lot of energy and it was certainly too snowy and cold to play with her outside, so I did the next best thing- a little game of fetch the ball in the basement did the trick!  She hurt her back a few weeks back playing ball on the hardwood floors upstairs (slipping and sliding) so we now play where she has carpeting! #spoiledfurbaby

IMG_6439 I guess you could call this day a “Minnie Spa Day” because I gave her a bath in the kitchen sink and then came her favorite part….the blow drying!!!  I thought maybe she loved this part so much because she was cold and the dryer was warm, but I really think she likes the itching and massaging I do as I dry her hair!!

PicMonkey Collage-bath

A little while later she had a trip to the vet to check up on her back, and I am happy to report that she is doing great!!  A chiropractic adjustment and an anti-inflammatory a few weeks back did the trick !! All better!

Did I tell you how much she likes going to the vet??  They have yummy liver treats and an occasional squirrel that passes by the window!!  SQUIRREL!!!!!

PicMonkey Collage



Friday was a pretty normal day. I always love connecting with my girlie and hearing about her day when she gets home from school.


Friday, late afternoon, hubby and I took a little road trip to celebrate my birthday/valentine’s day!  We enjoyed a nice dinner overlooking the frozen lake at a restaurant that was close to our hotel…

PicMonkey Collage- Dinner

We stayed at The Geneva Inn.  We checked in, had dessert in the hotel restaurant and then watched the Olympics…sounds like a night at home, right??  It was so relaxing… AND I got over 9 hours of sleep that night!!  Hooray for blackout shades!!!

PicMonkey Collage- Geneva Inn


Mid morning we wandered down to breakfast in the hotel restaurant, and OH, what a breakfast it was!!  I had avocado toast with egg whites on top.  It also included a side of diced potatoes….YUM!! Did I mention the view??  What a perfect getaway!!

PicMonkey Collage-BF

We finished up the morning with a little shopping in the downtown area and driving around the lake looking at the beautiful lake homes.  A HUGE thanks to my son and his wife for hanging with my daughter while we were gone- special times for them too!

Oh, by the way, we are officially still on “Grandbaby watch.” My son and daughter in love are due in just 8 days!!!

Hope you enjoyed seeing a little glimpse into my week!!

Wishing you a blessed and beautiful day!!

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    You really did a great job with this one. It was extra special and I, for one, really enjoyed it. Loved seeing your busy week. Loved all of the photos. I do appreciate the time that it takes for you to put all of this together. I know it is a labor of love, but it does take time…and you are a busy Mama! Thanks a bunch for all you do. And P. S. Your cake was good………Yum!

  2. Loved this glimpse into your family life ❤️❤️ Thanks for sharing!! HAPPY GRANDBABY!!!
    Gma Kate