Christmas 2017

Hello, hello!!!  Hope you all had an amazing Christmas with family and the ones you love!!  We sure had a good one!! These cuties were all home, and I enjoyed being with them so much! Just look how grown up they are!!!


 I mean, wasn’t it just last year that we had this picture taken??


Did you see it???  Look in the first picture….Did you see the baby bump??? I can’t believe that I will be promoted to Grandma status in March!!! Can’t wait to see and live the changes that next Christmas will bring!! I might have to get a different apron!!


Christmas Eve

We started our Christmas celebration with singing and worship at our church! So thankful for the devoted musicians, sound & light people, staff, and volunteers that make this a glorious service!



0a3729a4ed03e5069b21313ff9a7841cBecause it’s tradition, we like Chinese food, and Momma doesn’t wanna cook, we head to a local Chinese restaurant for a meal!!  The older boys and their wives spend time with their side of the family on this night so our youngest son got #allthesushi !!


My Mom thinks it’s so funny that our youngest son is the tallest!!  It IS pretty ironic!!


After getting our bellies full it was time to get to work… There was a cake to be made, breakfast casserole to be assembled and worker bees to be managed!!!


She’s the best little helper around!!!!


Later on Christmas Eve, the older two boys & wives got in and filled up our guest rooms!! The sweater cracked me up!!


Christmas Day

Rise and shine everyone!!!!  Yeah, our day was officially supposed to start at the crack of 9:00, but people weren’t caffeinated enough to open presents until 9:45…it’s nice to have an easy going morning! We started with coffee and the french toast casserole!!


Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day….(are you singing yet?)

This beautiful manger scene holds a very special place in my heart…it was molded and painted by my Grandma in 1972!!  I won’t tell you how old I was in the that year!!  hehehe!!

PicMonkey Collage

It’s pretty much a free for all when we open presents.  You can hear lots of oooo’s and ahhh’s, sometimes wrapping paper gets thrown across the room at each other and every once in awhile you’ll hear a “thank you!”

I’m not sure why, but just the sight of this wrapping paper made me so happy!  Isn’t it cute??  My daughter in law wrapped it!! (I heart pretty paper.)


The gift opening…
PicMonkey Collage1

The newly weds were enjoying their selfie stick!


I got a very SWEET gift- yum!!!!


I made this gift for my son as he was getting rid of t-shirts in his closet before he got married!!  It was a HUGE HIT!!  The blanket is SO SOFT and it’s a great way to preserve memories!!  You can get one HERE!  You can make things into pillows, blankets, christening gowns, ornaments, bags and totes!!


The Feast!

PicMonkey Collage3

My Mom always makes her famous homemade noodles….we look forward to them every single year!! (I won’t tell you how long it took to get this picture…hahaha!! People kept photo bombing!)


After our feast, some people napped, some played board games and some worked a puzzle.  We then gathered together to play a few games!  Hubby planned a jeopardy style trivia game featuring questions about Christmas movies, Christmas songs, and facts about our family.  It was a huge hit!! I was the score keeper!!  Oh, how I love Pinterest to find ideas!!!


Next was the white elephant gift exchange!!


There were a lot of really good gifts in those bags!!!  NOT!!

PicMonkey Collage4

I leave you with a picture as people were getting ready to leave….


and then someone “passed gas…”

Gotta love my family!!!


If you stayed around and read the whole post….THANK YOU!!!!

See you next week for my GUEST ROOM REVEAL!!!

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Always leave them laughing, I always say! Wonderful blog, Jill. You did a great job of covering everything. Thanks for all of this and thanks for the fantastic day. We are so blessed with such a beautiful family.


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