Craft Room Make-Over!!


The holidays are here and I’ve started dreaming…. dreaming of Christmas morning when all of my kids are home, some with their spouse, and we all wander to the kitchen at various times to have a cup of coffee and breakfast, enjoying each one’s company!  A girl can dream, right???

As you know, we built our home 2 years ago and technically, we only have 4 bedrooms, and my dream is to have each of our kids (we have 4) to have a bedroom at our house in case they all want to come back at the same time.  Well, we only have four bedrooms and a craft room.  SOOO…..I decided to turn the craft room into another bedroom.

Here are some pics of the room from different angles.  Please note that this room doesn’t have a window and it will be used only a handful of times as a bedroom, so don’t worry about the fire issue!!

PicMonkey Collage

Here’s where I need your help!!

Above you will see some of the items that I have picked up to decorate the room.  You should also know that we have ordered a Queen sized bed and upholstered headboard to go in the room.

  1. What should I put above the bed?  A round mirror? A picture?
  2. Should I paint an accent wall behind the bed?
  3. Crown Moulding?
  4. Purchase 1 night stand or 2??
  5. Should I change the light fixture??

Where are all of my decorator friends that have really good ideas???  Please chime in and give your opinion!!  Thank you so much, friends!!!