Making Your Home Cozy

Comfy Cozy

Happy Thursday, friends!  I’m loving all things Fall right now, and there’s nothing I like more than coming home to a comfy & cozy home!  Since moving into our home two years ago, I’ve been trying to find ways to make our home feel comfy, cozy and inviting to those who come to visit!

I’ve figured out a few things that make me feel cozy in our home!!


When it’s cold outside, I love to have a fire going in the fireplace!  In our old house, we had a natural fireplace so you could hear the cracking and popping of the wood and smell the wood burning- nothing better than that!!  In our current home, we decided to go for a gas fireplace instead to simplify the mess of dragging wood inside, etc.  We can also flip it on during the day to take that “chill” out of the air without turning on the furnace!!



Blankets say COZY to me!  Wrapping up and snuggling into the couch or chair is my favorite way to spend Friday nights!! (watching Dateline, of course)  Here’s where you will find me on Friday nights- under this blanket!


If you come to visit us, you are welcome to cuddle with this throw blanket!!



Some of my favorite memories of going to my Grandparent’s house were the fact that they always had a jar full of candy in their living room, and I had unlimited access!!!  I have adopted that same philosophy with this jar of peanut M&M’s.  I know it’s not right or healthy, but food = love at my house!!!



Warm lighting wins every single time over florescent or overhead lighting!!


Hot Beverages

I always have a stash of beverages to warm your tummy!  Yes, I save that Wonder Woman mug for especially challenging days!! LOL!!


Throw Pillows

As you can see, I like my throw pillows!!  I have a few for every season, but I’m especially fond of the fox pillow!!  Three Cheers for shopping at Target!!  The pups like them too!!

PicMonkey Collage-done


It doesn’t really matter if you have a candle, plug in, wax burner or just good cooking in the oven- my house needs to smell good!!  I’ve been so excited to burn my Fall candles!  My favorite is Yankee Candle’s Apple Cider! Other favs are Bath & Body Works “Leaves,” “Mahogany Teakwood,” and “Black Cherry Merlot.”


Dark wall paint

The place that I want to feel the coziest and most relaxed is my bedroom. The room isn’t huge, but we chose the dark paint to help bring the walls in to make the room more snuggly & comfortable!!  The crooked pillows on the bed are driving me bonkers….eek!!!


Can’t imagine why the pillows and comforter might be askew….??!!!


Family Photos

Those closest to me know that I am CRAZY about my family!  When they’re around, I feel like the most blessed person ever!  BUT, because I don’t see them every day, I LOVE to look at them through pictures!  You will find various photos scattered throughout our home…PicMonkey Collage-fam

These are a few ideas that I have for making a home cozy!  I would love to hear your ideas!!!

Comment away!  I LOVE hearing from you!!!

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Your home is always cozy and welcoming. Your Autumn decor is beautiful. Love ALL of your beautiful photos. Your doggies look like they are “cozy’. too! Such sweet girls. Thanks for sharing. Truly a wonderful post and I always look forward to your pics and the stories that accompany them. Nice job…again! <3

  2. I so need a Wonder Woman mug for those ‘challenging’ days too! Love this fall post of yours!