See you next week!!

So many activities going on at our house right now….I’m taking the week off!  Here are just a few things happening around here!!

Our second son and his beautiful bride were married last Sunday….


We learned that we were going to be GRANDPARENTS!!! Our oldest son and wife are expecting!!!


and we’re getting this guy ready for his Freshman year at college!


Apparently, a few of us don’t want him to go…..



See you next week!!


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Such a busy time for you all. The wedding was beautiful. Such a lovely occasion with some beautiful people. Congratulations to your expectant daughter-in-law and son. Sorry to see #3 son going off to college. He will be missed. Good luck…Study hard….and have tons of fun. The doggies will have to receive extra love from the young lady that will still be home. And for Mom and Dad….It is going to be so quiet for a while. You will find that you won’t have to make such big meals and the house will be so still….but wait until they all arrive back home for visits and holidays. It will be loud, busy, and especially, joyous! Much love to all!!!