Field Trip To Trader Joes!


After a long and hot tennis practice, I decided to take my daughter out for a nice girlie lunch at one of her favorite restaurants- Potbelly!!  She ordered her usual sandwich and an Oreo Shake of course!  I had my usual too, the Mushroom melt and added avocado!!  Woo hoo!!

Because I needed some groceries to feed the fridge, and we were close, I decided to stop by Trader Joes.  I’ve only been to Trader Joes once in my life and this would be the second time.  Immediately, I was excited when I grabbed a cart outside and they had watermelons for sale at only $2.99!  Sadly, the watermelon stayed in the bin because I knew that my main watermelon eater was going to be gone for the weekend!  What we DID find were some pretty interesting goods, I must say….  Keep in mind, we didn’t purchase any of these!

Champagne Grapes!!  Who has heard or seen such a thing!  Maybe I’m just not cultured enough to see these often!  These were little tiny grapes!!!


Staying in the refrigerated section, I found this interesting salad!  Looks nice and healthy!!!


These were packed in the fruit section….Green Plumcots….???  Is this some designer breed of green tomatoes/plums/apricots??  Not sure…too weird & too expensive to try!


Now I could go for these!!  I LOVE my zucchini!! Not sure they would pass as “fries” at my house, but I would certainly eat them!!


UMMMMM….Yes Please!!  These looked GREAT!!



A……Nope, just Nope!  Can’t do it!!!



Here’s the final haul from Trader Joes!!  Lots of new things to try! I’m looking forward to the butternut squash triangolini the most!!!




  1. Dina Kaisler says:

    Their version of NutraGrain bars are a huge hit with my boys! Way more fruit filling and cheaper!!

  2. Sue Mackey says:

    Very interesting, indeed. Glad that you girls had a nice field trip….including lunch. No seaweed lovers in this house, but then…I have never tried such a thing, so I don’t know how it tastes. Doesn’t sound so appetizing, though. I think I would like the zucchini, too. I have been seeing some recipes for Oven Baked Zucchini strips. I plan on trying those. Glad you had a great trip. Enjoy your purchases.

  3. Oh my gosh, we go to TJ’s almost every weekend. That salad you show? Ad loves it. He gets three different salads for lunch the next week. They are all delicious. We buy shaved brussel sprouts, lentils, berries, cherry tomatoes. We get whole chickens, the bone-in pork chops (awesome), beef tri-tips, ground beef in the meat section. We love the truffle mushroom ravioli, the frozen chicken burritos and turkey burgers. Dark chocolate covered almonds are the bomb. TJ’s salsa (love the green one!) And of course…wine! Can’t beat the prices. I heart Trader Joes! ps. Seaweed is delicious. 🙂