10 things to bring someone in the hospital other than flowers or balloons!


One of my relatives was recently in the hospital, and I was trying to figure out what to bring to cheer him up!  Flowers are nice to bring, but allergies from the pollen could make them sneeze.  Balloons are a great option too, but often they already have a few in their room from others!

I searched the internet and found a creative list on LittleThings.com that had some really great ideas! Here they are:

Fuzzy Socks

A long phone charger


Your favorite book

Eye Mask or Ear Plugs





A handmade card

That’s a pretty nice list, right??  I’m hoping that you won’t have to experience visiting a friend or relative in the hospital, but if you do, I hope this list was helpful!!


  1. Julie Hammel says:

    Great list. Always need new ideas.