Week in Review- July 14th- 19th, 2017


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Hello, friends….I’m back, and I’m sharing my week!!  This has really been an interesting Summer. Summer without sports at night, Summer after a high school graduation & a college graduation.  This is also a Summer before a wedding in August!!  It’s been a time of transitions, endings and new beginnings…and it’s all good!!

Let’s start with the weekend!  My dear, sweet hubby…..he LOVES to be outside, whether it’s chilling on the patio, scooping dog poo, grilling or even installing our new lamp post…he is happy outside!



Spent a little girl time with my daughter and daughter in law at a LulaRoe party…


Visited a local Vegetable Farm to supplement our garden goodies!!  The veggies were so colorful and bright!!


Gave away a few things on my Thirty-One Facebook Group Page….click HERE to check it out! (click JOIN if you wanna be my bestie!!)


These rascals went to camp all last week!  I can’t even tell you how much fun they had.  I will only say that one of them was having so much fun that they forgot to drink water and ended up in the nurses station with heat exhaustion….  Both came back with HUGE smiles, wet swimming suits, lots of dirty clothes, farmer’s tans, and plenty of happy memories!!

p.s. the house was SO QUIET all week!!!


Most of all, we accomplished what we’ve enjoyed the most this Summer….chillin’ on the patio at night!! Come on over…we’ll get some more chairs out!!

Yes, we have dogs that make pretty green patches all over the yard!!


Have a great weekend!!!!

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Oh, how I did enjoy this blog and your pics. Your hubby is such a busy bee and such a great handy man. I am so happy that he is such a big help! Loved the pic of you ladies at the Lularoe party. Now I know where you got all of the beans….They were “dericious” and were done in time for lunch. Cute pic with the “31” bag. Glad that is going well for you. So happy that your two youngest enjoyed camp. It looked like a lot of fun. And last, but not least, your backyard flowers are beautiful. You’ve done a fabulous job! Love you all. <3

  2. I would love to come and join you for coffee sometime on that sweet patio!!! Sounds like you had quite the week and have some fun stuff coming up too.. Blessings, Vicki