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Little kids mean big messes, right??  I know that from many years of experience!!  When my kids were little, my hubby spoiled me and we had a person to come in and clean the house twice a month.  What a treat! It literally took all the energy I had to pick up the house so she could clean it!! The even BIGGER blessing was that “the cleaner” became a good friend of mine!  When the big kids were in school and the littles were home, they often walked around and “helped” her dust and clean- ha!  What patience she had!! Long story short, after 14 years of having her in my life….she decided to move up north and enjoy “lake life.”  The next 4 years, I cleaned the house with the help of the now older kids pitching in….

Now, that the older kids have gotten married and moved on with life and I have started a new business, I decided to hire someone to clean again…this time only once a month!  The BONUS is that my cleaning friend from years past has a daughter that cleans, so it was an easy decision to call her for help!  She has run her own cleaning business for years and cleans houses & businesses- she and her friend are perfectionists and are AMAZING!!

While they were cleaning one day, I asked them some questions and I wanted to share!!

I started by asking them about their favorite cleaning products…

For Dusting- Endust or Pledge Extra Moisture

For Glass- Sparkle or Spray Away Glass Cleaner

To clean Bathrooms- Fantastic Scrubbing Bubbles

For Stainless Steel- Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner or just soapy water

For Wood Floors- Bona

Method products are good, as well as 7th generation, if you want a more natural cleaner.

A Vacuum for once a week- The Shark

A Vacuum for heavy duty use:  Carpet Pro Heavy Duty (found at specialty vacuum stores)

How do you???

  • Clean stainless steel-use soapy water and clean with the grain or use Magic
  • Clean Toilets- use a pumice stone to help with stubborn rust stains
  • Clean baseboards- wipe baseboards with a dry microfiber rag
  • Deal with dog hair- vacuum often and vacuum everything- pillows, couches, chairs
  • Clean showers- bucket with soapy water, scrub walls and tub then rinse with clean water
  • Clean wood floors- “any way the client wants me to!” ha!  Bona is her favorite.  She likes to switch it up, clean on hands & knees one time, mop the next. The way the wood is sealed will affect the way she cleans the floor
  • Clean a tv- dry microfiber cloth
  • Clean a ceiling fan- if it’s in a living room, use a long duster.  If fan is over a bed, step up on the bed and use a pillow case to catch the dust.

Other Tips

Clean rooms top to bottom

Clean one room all at once to see progress quickly

Don’t forget about cleaning the glass on pictures- it makes the room shine

If you have the time in your week to do only one task in your home, vacuum.

When cleaning, don’t get distracted by putting clothes away (for instance) in your bedroom.  Start and finish the job as quickly as you can.


Five years ago, a trend in chemical free cleaning was the rage, but she’s finding that people want the house to smell clean so they are moving back to using regular products again 🙁

Cleaning other people’s homes is easier than cleaning their own

Their homes are not perfectly clean

They live on protein bars and energy drinks

They have found some pretty interesting things when they clean….but those things are hush, hush.


I hope you have found these tips helpful- it was so fun to ask their opinion and hear their answers!

A huge THANK YOU to my magical cleaning elves for answering all of my questions…I really DID feel like Oprah Winfrey interviewing them!!

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Well, that was interesting and informative. Thanks a bunch!

  2. The pillow case and shower trick were fabulous! Thanks for sharing their secrets!

  3. Julie Hammel says:

    If peeps want natural cleaning products they can add fresh smells with essential oils. I live between both worlds.