10 Things To Do Before You Leave For Vacation!!


Summer is almost here and it’s time to start thinking about vacations!!! Here are some ways to get organized before you leave!!!  I need to give credit to Geralin Thomas– she came up with the list, and it’s a GOOD ONE!!!

Your pre-vacation to-do list might include some of the following tasks:

Stop the newspaper and mail (or arrange for someone to collect them for you).
Arrange for someone to put out your trash and recycling containers, and to bring them back in after collection.
Arrange for someone to take good care of your pets (feed and exercise).
Clean out your fridge, and try not to leave too much in your freezer in case of a power outage while you’re away.
Unplug appliances.
Water household plants.
Mow the grass and leave your yard or entrance so that your home will not appear to be abandoned for the time you’ll be away.
Set motion-detector lights or light timers.
Turn down the heat or air-conditioning.
Copy your itinerary and contact information and leave it with someone you trust.


Do you have other ideas for the list??? Comment below to let me know! (Hey, that rhymes!!)

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Excellent advice.

  2. Julie Esche says:

    I also suggest leaving a trusted person the account numbers and customer service phone numbers for the credit cards​ you take along just in case you lose your wallet or have it stolen.

  3. Tracy Auton says:

    In winter, we also have someone clear our sidewalks and driveways while we are gone. I like to leave a clean home and clear dishwasher- always nice to return to (and less stressful).