Week in Review- June 3rd-8th, 2017


PicMonkey Collage-great

Next to December, Late May into June is the busiest time of the year!!  So many endings and beginnings…activities and graduations!  Plenty to blog about this week!!  I think it’s time to play a little AWESOME vs. AWKWARD…..

Let’s start with AWESOME!!!!

Last Saturday was a bridal shower for my soon to be daughter in law at her Aunt’s house.  The day started out with storms, but the clouds cleared and the sunshine came out, just in time for the party!!  As usual, we didn’t go home hungry- they had a beautiful brunch prepared for us and a host of fun games!  Beside’s the bride to be’s smile, the wedding dress cupcake display stole the show!!  Although- no one wanted to take the cupcakes and disturb the work of art!  As soon as someone took the first one, guests had no problem scarfing down the delicious cupcakes!!

PicMonkey Collage-bridalshower

On Sunday, this guy (son #3) graduated from high school!!  Even though there were 2,500 people in the gym and it was 90 degrees, it was totally worth it to watch him glide across the stage!!  It was a tremendous 4 years for him!


Sweet Pea had her last day of Freshman year on Thursday.  She finished strong and now looks forward to a more laid back and relaxing summer!!



Ok, here are some awkward moments…..

I got in trouble with my daughter for burning this candle !  It’s my FAVORITE!!  Apparently, I’m only supposed to burn it in the Fall!!  I burned it anyway, I’m a rebel like that!



Our interesting and Sedona, Arizona inspired vegetable garden is growing.  I’ll try to keep my mouth shut about the chipmunks that are frolicking in the garden while he is at work!!  Shhhhh.


Lastly, it’s pretty awkward when you’re  doing the weekly grocery shopping and this happens to your shoe!! We’re not sure whether to call it the “shoe incident” or a”wardrobe malfunction.” Needless to say, I cut the grocery shopping trip short, and hobbled to the line to check out and get home!! Never a dull moment here…the laughs just keep coming!!!



Hope you enjoyed peeking into our week!!

Stay tuned next week when I will be sharing my Spring Favorites!!

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Loved all of your pics and the stories behind them…..The shower looked lovely. Loved the cupcake dress. Your young man, the senior, is exceptionally handsome and such a wonderful person. The young lady that has just been promoted to a sophomore in high school is a beauty and is gifted in so many ways. Enjoy your candle, if it makes you happy. It’ the little things, you know!! Super glue will heal “heel” your shoe. I guarantee it. The garden is a work of art and looks like everything is doing well. Reminds me a bit of “Stonehenge” with the rocks and shadows…..Thanks for sharing and GOOD JOB!