How to choose a ripe watermelon


Summer is almost here, and one thing I’m really look forward to is WATERMELON! I’m starting to see them in the grocery stores, and I always want to buy the biggest one so we can enjoy it all!  I sure don’t want to be disappointed when I bring it home only to find that it’s only slightly pink inside and certainly NOT ripe. Not cool.

I was looking on Pinterest today and found some great resources on choosing a watermelon, so I thought I would share. Supposedly, these are tips from a long-time farmer so I’m sure there is some truth in these suggestions!!

Field Spot- Every watermelon has a field spot. The spot is where the fruit rested in the field. Look for a field spot that is creamy yellow or more orange.



Webbing- Webbing shows how many times a bee touched the flower of the plant- you want more webbing for a sweeter melon!!


Tail- A green tail shows that the melon was picked too soon and won’t be ripe.  A dried up tail is what you are seeking- it was picked when it was ripe!  (This one is GREEN)



Gender- Boy or Girl?  The boy melons are elongated and tall.  They tend to be more watery.  The girl melons are short and round- sweet too!!



Size- As much as you want to buy the largest one, just plunk the one in your cart that is normally sized. Even better if it feels heavy for it’s size!!!



Hope these tips help you find the perfect watermelon!!!

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Excellent advice. Wally world had theirs for 2.99 this week. Too heavy for me to lift into the cart. Still thinking about how good they looked! Thanks for the tips!