Things I like about being the parent of teens!


  1. I can leave the house without taking them with me!
  2. They are so capable of pitching in to help!  Cleaning, cooking, running errands.
  3. Although it’s sometimes hard, you can watch them grow and mature emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  4. They are little techies and can help me with my computer or phone!
  5. I can keep up with the latest terms or the latest popular songs or fads.
  6. I can cheer them on and guide them if they ask!
  7. Their smile makes me smile.
  8. Eventually they can drive themselves places and give my car a break!!
  9. Home can be a soft place for them to fall and be themselves.
  10. I’m more open-minded by hearing their opinions.

BONUS:  I can blame THEM for my gray hairs!!!!


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  1. I can definitely appreciate the first two on your list. I have a 4 and 16 month old and I definitely look forward to them getting old for those reasons! lol

  2. Sue Mackey says:

    Cute! I do not like that your babies have grown up and have become teenagers and some are even older. Where did the time go? Time flies, for sure. I do love your “young adults” though! Thanks for giving my grand babies, teenagers, and young adults. You and your hubby have done a fantastic job. Love you all!