Spring Break 2017- Kiawah Island, South Carolina Part 2 of 3


On the second full day of vacation, we ventured out about 45 minutes and took a look around Charleston.  Hubby was hoping to see some historical sights and where we headed first gave him lots of history!!

Meet the U.S.S. Yorktown, an air craft carrier built during WW II now turned museum!  There are actually three ships here at Patriot’s Point– this aircraft carrier, a battleship and a submarine.  We didn’t anticipate the busy Charleston traffic, so we only had a chance to wander around the Yorktown, before heading to meet my hubby’s cousin and her husband for lunch.


Here are some of the sights on the ship. We went on a self guided tour, seeing the deck and below the deck workings of the ship. We read that meal times were very strict on the ship, there was an on ship barber, and this aircraft carrier held up to 90 air crafts!  Today’s aircraft carriers only hold 30-50. I found it especially interesting that many of the planes could fold their wings up to allow for more space on the ship!

PicMonkey Collage-USS

Lunch time was Cousin time!!  We were thrilled that she and her husband could join us for lunch!  They are both busy people, and they took the time to eat with us, catch up a little bit, and give us their secret pointers for navigating through Charleston!


Because we were eating right next to the ocean, why not order the blue crab B.L.T.? So we did!


I forgot to mention on the way to Charleston, we HAD to stop at this tree that so many people had recommended that we see….the Angel Oak Tree! It is hundreds of years old, 66 feet tall and shades 17,000 square feet!  It was massive!!


We arrived back at the house just in time to make an easy dinner of turkey sandwiches, watermelon and chips with salsa!


Our day ended back at the beach…



Stay tuned for the FINAL installment of our Spring Break 2017 trip next week!!

If you missed part 1 you can find it HERE.

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    What a wonderful trip. Fun, plus educational. Your photos were fantastic. Especially loved the beach pic. So glad you could get away and discover things that needed exploring! =)

  2. Ad and I were so happy to see you, if just for a lunch. I am thankful you and your family made the time for us too! XOXO