My Recipe Binders


In a past post, I talked about my planner being “my brain.”  Well, when it comes to meal planning, these 2 binders are “my brains” too!  I used to use a wooden recipe box to store my recipe cards, but I eventually grew out of it.  It was a great place to store all of my recipes in one place until I collected too many!!

I wasn’t willing to get rid of good recipes, so it was time to move into another organizational method.  Meet my hard working binders….


I use the Main Dish binder every single week when I meal plan!!  As I open the binder, you’ll notice some papers in the left hand pocket.  I like to store my monthly meal plan (when I make one) in that pocket as well as the recipes that I will be using the current week, so they are easy to reach.  I also add recipes to this side that I want to try so that I’ll get a visual reminder to actually TRY the recipes instead of collecting them and having them take up space.  (AM I the only one that prints out recipes and forgets about them???)

On the right side I have colored divider tabs separating the various meats that I will be using.  The tabs are:






Main Dishes


I use these pocket photo pages to store the recipe cards.  I found these in the photo section at Wal-Mart years ago.  They will hold three recipes per side.  It’s super easy to see 3 recipes at a time which is helpful when you’re looking for a certain recipe!


Next is my Desserts binder.  In the left pocket I store recipes that I use very often, so they’re easy to find.  On the right the tabs are labeled:










I use these 2  binders plus my Meal Planning binder. Once upon a time I bought some pre-made meal plans from 5 Dinners in 1 hour and  I sometimes use these recipes so I store them in the yellow meal planning binder.  Here’s a peek at where I store my binders…in the kitchen, right above the toaster and coffee pot!


I hope this helps you get inspired to make your own recipe binders….they’re such a time and space saver!  If you have more questions feel free to email me!

Happy Easter!!!  I will be taking next week off to enjoy my kids that are home for Spring Break!

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  1. Sue Mackey says:

    This has been on my mind for a while. My “printed” recipes remain on top of my printer….so now, I need to move on it and get them organized. I did buy a binder and some dividers with tabs, so now all I have to do….is do it! Ha! Sounds simple enough, right?? We’ll see. =) You have done a very nice job and of course, it is so well organized and neat. Looks wonderful!

  2. I do my recipes the same way! It is so much easier to find the one you are looking for! I really need to go through them and weed out the ones I don’t use! Have a great week with your kids!
    ps your pups are adorable!