Week in Review- April 1st- April 6th, 2017


Hello, and welcome back to the blog!!!  Because it IS Spring, and I still have snowmen up in my house, I decided that the house needed to be tweaked and switched into Spring mode.  I am NOT a decorator, but I’m really good at going on Pinterest and copying someone else’s idea!  Goals for the house included: taking down the snowman, (good choice, hey?) looking through my Spring stash in the basement from last year,  add a few pops of fun color to the main areas of the house and to not spend a dime on decor. As much as I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby and spend money on new decor, I just didn’t have the creative energy to put it all together!

My new decor may be totally lame, but I’m liking how it looks, and it’s easy to dust around!!!  Here are the two areas that I decorated.  I must also say that my hubby loves to be involved in this process which is a SCORE for me, because…doing something that you don’t like is always better with a buddy!!  Can I get a “whoop whoop” for the fake lemons in the glass container???


PicMonkey Collage 1

Now that our home was “Spring-ified” we had family over for some good chow, conversation, laughs, games and some doggie lovin’.  I just love when all of my family is together!!!

PicMonkey Collage

I stopped by my parent’s house this week, and my Mom had made this AMAZING lunch!!  What a treat!  This was much better than the silly sandwich that I would have eaten at my house!! The lemon girl scout cookies for dessert were also da bomb dot com!!


My daughter and I both were having a bad day this week so we did exactly what we weren’t supposed to do- drown our sorrows with food!!  THESE made the day so much better!  I did ask for caramel in my drink, and the barista sure delivered- WOWZA! Cheers!!!


Wednesday brought a root canal for me…oh joy.  At least I got cool glasses to wear! Quit looking up my nose, please!!


After a failed attempt Tuesday (due to incorrect dates on the paperwork) SweetPea got her temporary driver’s license on Wednesday and will be cruising around town behind the wheel (with me as passenger) very soon! Consider this your warning…hee hee!!



After all of the ups and downs in life this week (and every week) I saw this sign and thought it was so appropriate!  It’s a great reminder!!


See you next week, friends!!





  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Well, that was all wonderful!!! I loved all of the photos. Spring decorating…the lemons that I always have to squeeze to check and see if they are real….And how did you get that pic of the game in the yard? You don’t have a two story house. Was that taken with #2 son’s helicopter thingy? The photo of the brothers was especially nice. So glad that all of the young adults in the family are such good friends. Glad you enjoyed the meal with us. We always enjoy having you. Also, the pic with Bella and the “daughter in love” was fantastic. The caramel Starbucks make me crave one….whatever it is. It looks yummy! So sorry for the trip to the dentist, but it was a nice photo, just the same. Congratulations to the cutie that received her temporary license. Good luck, Sweet Pea. You will make a good driver. And the sign says it all. Nice blog, Ms. Lady. I enjoyed it all.