Organizing a Kid’s Bathroom Closet



One of the spaces in our home that was really bothering me was a bathroom that my son and daughter share.  I think I’ve already shared that my daughter does not want to live the minimalist lifestyle…she LOVES her beauty products!!  So, keep in mind that this closet contains an obscene amount of shampoo, face masks, hair products, curling wands, facial toners, nail polish, moisturizers, lotions and even more potions!!  My son occupies one small drawer on the upper left and the blue mouthwash on the counter is his.

In order to clean out the bathroom closet, I needed to have both kids home to help “go through” all of the different items in the closet and to help me check expiration dates.  Although my daughter likes her “stuff,” she also realizes that some things just have to go! (Thank you, Jesus!!) It would be a much more time consuming and negative experience if she was super resistant to donating, recycling or trashing the items.

Let’s take a look at the BEFORE….not really too bad, but some improvements certainly could be made!!




In any organization process, things will look worse before they look better.  Case in point….the DURING picture!! We pulled everything out, wiped down the shelving and touched every single thing in the closet.




Did I mention that I love to organize?  I must have a screw loose somewhere… but this picture makes me really happy!!  If I was a SUPER OVER-ACHIEVER, I would have labeled each bin before I snapped the picture, but I was WORN OUT!!  Some of the bin categories we used were  perfumes/body sprays, hair tools, lotions & shampoos, replacements, nail items, essential oils/diffuser, travel bags & accessories and each of my kiddos had a big grey bin to store the items they are currently using. WHEW….it’s finally done and so far they are keeping everything corralled and organized! Yippee, Skippee!!!


What area of your home is bothering you the most right now??  Leave a comment and let me know!!!


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Looks very organized now.