Christmas Decor 2016


Countdown: 2 days until Christmas!!!  Are you ready????  I’m not quite there but it won’t take much if I can get a little help from the family!!  Once again, we didn’t go all out to decorate this year.  I’m so thankful that hubby loves to decorate the trees and put wreaths up, etc!  Alright, let’s start the short tour!


Here are our trees this year!

Tree on the far left is in our family room- it’s always fun putting this one up because it is absolutely full of ornaments that the kids have made in school or at church.  I think I even have an ornament that I made in Girl Scouts in 4th grade!

Upper right is the tree outside our new house that hubby has decided to decorate every year for as long as he can.  In our old house, the tree finally got too large to decorate last year.  It took an extension ladder and a few of our boys to get it fully decorated.  It’s wonderful that the new tree to decorate is only 4 feet tall this year!

Tree on the bottom right is in our Sun Room.  It can be seen from the road behind us and is decorated with the more breakable ornaments!  Clearly, our house is all lit up at night!


Here are some of those adorable preschool and church crafts that the kids have “gifted” us over the years!


An ornament of our favorite NFL team- GO PACKERS!!  Also, a precious piece from the past- my hubby in the church choir when he was a boy! So sweet!


The festivities continue in the Family Room with this display.  If you sent us a Christmas Card, I store them in the basket on the bottom shelf.  I just love hearing from friends and family!



Sweet Pea gave me this Owl a few years ago- she knows that I love Owls!!


Another sweet addition to our decorations last year- Mr. Snowman! We also use him to keep the dog from sleeping in the chair! Ha!


Also being showcased in the family room is this picture.  I remember spending many days stewing and fretting about how the picture would turn out and if our clothes would coordinate.  I’m guessing the theme for the pic was red, white and blue.  13 years ago…a lot has changed since then!


The kitchen has a few touches of Christmas too.  This festive plate adds an awesome pop of red!! Yep, keeping it real…there’s absolutely nothing festive about the salt and pepper shakers except maybe a tiny bit of red.


On the kitchen island sits this shiny bowl of ornaments. Yes, you see that right- there’s a dog toy in the bowl too.  When I unpacked the decorations I had forgotten why I had packed this toy away.  Hmmm, can you say SO ANNOYINGLY SQUEAKY?? Minnie is a little obsessed with this ball.



Oh yes she is!


The last touch of Christmas in the kitchen is the Mr. Snowman towel along with it’s colorful sidekick. These are called the “pretty” towels- you NEVER use them to wipe your hands.  Why?  Because Mom says so…..


Wishing you a Merry Christmas from the whole “Jill on the Hill” family!


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