My Favorites at Costco



When you have 4 hungry men in your family, Costco becomes your best friend!!  Even though some of those men have grown up and moved out of the house, I still like going to Costco! ( not on the weekends, though!!)  I really enjoy hearing what others like purchasing at Costco, so I thought I would give you a sampling of my favorites at Costco!

Heat & Eat Food:

Mandarin Orange Chicken: Serves 2 delicious meals for our family.

 Chicken Melts: a popular lunch item for me and snack for my son!

Kirkland’s Olive oil: 2 liter bottle for $11.99

 Ketchup: 3- pack ! We are a ketchup family!


Plastic/Paper Products:  

Dixie Plates: 276 plates!!!

Kirkland plastic garbage bags: Kitchen trash bags are great quality!

Kirkland paper towels:  sturdy and are just as good as the Bounty paper towels that I love!



Flonase 3 packs: great for allergy sufferers!

AllerClear (claritin copycat:) 365 tablets, enough for the year!

Lil Critter Gummy Vites: I even like these!!

Kirkland’s Omeprazole tablets (Prilosec copycat:) 


More favorites:

Kirkland frozen chicken breasts: Individually wrapped- easy to thaw!

Pretzel Rolls:  Great for hot ham and cheese sandwiches! Separate & freeze in baggies.

Regular rolls:  36 rolls! I split them into separate freezer bags and freeze until needed.

Dove Soap: 16 bars! We have sensitive skin so everyone uses this soap!



Of course I’m usually a sucker for some of the samples that they give out, so you never know what will end up in my cart!!  I would LOVE to hear about your favorites! Please leave a comment and let me know what YOU love from Costco!!


  1. Sue Mackey says:

    Large package of rotisserie chicken breasts
    Seasonal fruitcake
    Fresh produce
    Kirkland Vanilla
    Heavy grained bread
    Lunch on the premises….plus all the samples that are handed out

  2. We like their chicken wings. They have no solution injected in them.